hairBerdasher is a haircraft
community based on the truth that all people
are beautiful-naturally.  We deal with hair in
ways that are easy to care for designed for
hair texture and frequent shampooing.

Perfect haircuts that suit the individual's needs according to lifestyle as well as hair texture, from all salons using our basic methods are guaranteed.
We know pride and belief in one's self to be the essence of happiness and each person should be able to have, do or appear as they desire. We serve our patrons by satisfying their personal profile.

Creating the finest quality service available for the American people, at reasonable prices everywhere, is
the hairBerdasher dream - with every professional that follows our system, a success in their own way, is the hope upon which we work toward our goal.

At hairBerdasher, we share positive thoughts, haircutting methods, management systems and energy with other professionals desiring knowledge. We can improve the beauty industry and help make a better world by improving ourselves.

Professionals with unlimited financial, intellectual and
spiritual growth potential succeed. We are a growing force, for good in the beauty industry - for all people - Join us!

Gordon R. Wilson
Founder, hairBerdasher